1948 Westcraft restoration




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When this trailer made its way to our shop last year, it was in state of extreme disrepair. The owner had just picked it up in the State of Washington and had it flatbedded down to us. He had expressed his desire to have all of the conveniences of a modern RV. but did not want an "Igloo Cooler" on wheels. We were asked to retain the original styling of the 1940's era but add much more detail than the trailer came with when first built. One of the largest addition to the trailers redesign was the adding of a full bathroom. Before 1960, 95% of all trailers built did not have any type of bathroom in them at all. Along with the bathroom, we added all of the bells and whistles that you would expect to find in a modern RV, yet kept the trailer estheically correct for its period.

We started the restoration by completely gutting the trailer all the way down to the bare frame and shell and then rebuilt every inch from the ground up. Each trailer that makes its way to our shop is in a different state of disrepair and therefore requires a different method of restoration than the trailer before it.

Vintage Vacations takes great pride in creating the finest vintage and classic trailer restorations available. If you are in the market to own a beauty such as this, we can make your dreams come true.

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Click here to view the restoration process of this trailer