1955 Airfloat Navigator

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Our client contacted us before purchasing this trailer to ensure that once restored, the trailer would fill his needs. We were informed that he trailer was to be used as a mobile job site office for an architect in Colorado, and that his main concern was having not only just a beautiful trailer but an extremely well insulated trailer as well. We talked a bit, he bought it, and we started the restoration.

As you can see in these photos the interior was pretty bad and showed signs of many years of water damage and leaking but it didn't look much worse that a lot of other trailers that we have restored. Simply put, we were not prepared for what we were about to find once we started to work on it. This trailer is a perfect example of why we can not give a total up front restoration cost before starting the project. Once the interior was removed, we discovered that the entire frame structure of the roof and walls were completely rotten and were only held together by a few small nails and the support on the interior cabinetry. What a nightmare! as you can see in the following photos, the trailer was then striped down to the basic frame. we then had to jack up all four corners of the chassis 3" to make it level, open up all intersections of the frame work then epoxy and renail them, replace about 75% of the outer frame perimeter framing and glue and clamp everything else to make it solid and plumb.

Once all of the structure was rebuilt, we insulated it with 2 layers (one inner one outer) of Reflectix brand insulation and then seamed every inch of the trailer with insulation seam tape, to ensure a perfect seal and create an environment trailer that can ward off the extreme conditions of the Colorado Rockies

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