1946 Spartan Manor
with front wrap around kitchen and all the bells and whistles

This 46 Spartan Manor was built by Vintage Vacations in the Spring of 2002.
As with all of our full restorations, this trailer was taken down to the bare frame and then built new from scratch.

The goal for this unit was to keep a period feeling in the trailer but to have all of the modern RV conveniences that one would find in a newer unit. This trailer will be traveling around to a lot of food and wine festivals and other such events and therefore the interior design was created with entertaining in mind. With the large wrap around front kitchen and open dining space, there is plenty of room for a party of 8 to comfortably move around and relax. This trailer is fully self contained with everything that you could need for a weekend getaway or an extended trip. With a state of the art 12 volt electrical and lighting system that includes a 100 watt solar panel, several storage batteries and a 1000 watt power inverter for your espresso or other type of appliance, a trailer like this offers you all that you need.

On the next few pages you will find a few photos of the process and of the finished trailer before the varnish was applied to the wood interior. We did not do the wood finish as the owner of the trailer had a painted/finisher on staff at the time and had him do the work once we were done. After these photos were taken, a roof air conditioner and window blinds were added.

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