This trailer has undergone a full and complete restoration by the
Vintage Vacations Restoration Workshop!


Built by the Matheson Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Ca.

Fully restored by the
Vintage Vacations Restoration Workshop!

year and type of trailer: 1953 Southland Runabout
Length of body: 16'6"+ tongue
Owners name: Craig Dorsey/Vintage Vacations
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This trailer has undergone a massive restoration from the ground up at my
Vintage Vacations Restoration Workshop!
I removed all of the exterior siding, trim, windows and everything else on this trailer before I started to rebuild all of the rotten frame work around the bottom edge, and front and rear of the trailer. I then insulated with 2'' house insulation, stretched with 4 mil plastic and resided with new .032 gage, 5052 aluminum. all exterior trim was replaced with new, the windows were rebuilt and reinstalled with new screen wire. the interior has been gone over with a fine tooth comb as well. I restored the original linoleum to like new condition, reupholstered the davenport dinette benches,replaced any bad wood and revarnished all of the wood, polished all interior aluminum trim, wired for 3 12v lights, new plumbing and propane systems, rebuilt the original heater and refrigerator, installed a new water heater and much much more! for more information on this trailer please call me at the above numbers.

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