1961 Airstream Globetrotter
Follow the restoration of this Airstream trailer as we completely remove just about every single piece of it and then redesign and rebuild it to be an incredible work of art!

This trailer was in very poor shape when the clients bought it and had it delivered to my shop. After spending about a week working with the clients on the design and layout of the trailer all the way down to the smallest detail, we began to remove just about part that was in the way of the renovation or was not in perfect condition. on this page you can see a few photos of how far down we had to go before we could start to rebuild it. We were able to save the 7 front and rear nose cone segments as well as the center roof panel and the main frames to the body but everything else went. Scroll down this page and view the tear down then click on the links on the next few pages to view the final results

In the beginning

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after the restoration

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