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Here you will find some helpful answers to some of the many questions and statements, that we receive from folks just like you. If you have any others questions regarding a restorations, please contact us @ trail-r-boy@vintage-vacations.com or phone us at 714-973-2967

"How much does it cost to have a trailer fully restored?"
This is the most common question that we receive and the most difficult to answer. My answer for you is a question in return! I ask you "How much does it cost to remodel your home kitchen?" Exactly, It can't be answered through an email, but the answer to my question is "It costs as much as you have to spend!" It all depends on your existing kitchen, what you want to do to it and how much you are willing to spend. You can remodel your home kitchen for as little as $5000 and you can easily spend $250,000 or more on it. It would all depend on where you want to end up when all is said and done. As with a home kitchen, The cost to restore a trailer all depends on the trailer that we are starting with, what you would like for it to be when it is finished and most important, your budget! Simply put, the more you want, the more it costs. We can create a trailer or Motor home that reflects your personal tastes, styles and needs, no matter what that may be! It can take many hours to figure out what all of your needs are and how we can incorporate them into the trailer. If you are interested in working out a budget for your trailer please phone us at 714-812-6053 so that we may speak in person about all of your needs.

"We are in the market to buy a fully restored Vintage Vacations trailer, Do you have any restored trailers for sale at this time."
My dream is to have a lot filled with fully restored trailers for sale, just like a car lot, but the reality is it will never happen. As much as I would love to build spec trailers, as I did a few years ago, we simply don't have the time to do so. I have also found that it is much easier to build the right trailer to fit the clients needs than to build one and wait for the right client. At this point in time, we are only building contracted trailers. Please contact us if you would like to contract us to build a trailer for you.

"We are looking for an "Airstream Brand Trailer" to have restored, we would love to have one with all of the beautiful wood walls and cabinets, can you help? "
From 1936 - 1939 the "Airstream" brand trailer came with wooden veneer walls and cabinets, (There are only a half dozen of these trailers known to exist) After the War, all "Airstream" brand trailers came with aluminum interior walls. All of the trailers came with either a Zolatone (splatter paint) finish or an automotive paint finish. Many people use the name "Airstream" as a generic name to describe an aluminum travel trailer . It may be that you are looking for another one of several thousand brand names of trailers that did come with wooden interiors. If you are looking for an "Airstream" and do want a wooden interior, this is something that we can offer you. We can take an Airstream, Silver Streak, Avion, Streamline or any other trailer and laminate a beautiful wood veneer or any other surface that you desire to the skin to create the finished look that you desire!

"We have been looking for a vintage trailer to have restored but are unable to find one that suits our needs. We would like to find one that has a toilet and shower in it, can you help!"
It all depends on the trailer and the extent of the restoration. At Vintage Vacations, we are able to take most trailers and redesign the interiors to house at least the most basic of bathroom accessories, A toilet! Sometimes we may only be able to create a hideaway space for a port-a-potty or we may be able to build in a full bath with a shower, sink and toilet. Again it all depends on the trailer.

"Without seeing our trailer, can you give us a ball park price on having some repair work done on it? the trailer leaked water and caused some damage."
Without seeing the trailer first hand there is no way for us to determine the full extent of any damage that may exist do to water leakage or other such problems. When water damage occurs on the interior surface of the walls, cabinets or floor, you must realize the water came from the outside and may have traveled some distance through the inner walls before draining or seeping through to the surface. Many times, what looks like simple surface damage is opened up to find extreme deterioration that was caused by years of water leakage and neglect. The results of this are always a Pandora's Box effect. You think that you are going to replace only the outer panel and then end up spending many days striping out and rebuilding that area of the trailer to make it structurally sound and safe. Because of this, we must see the damage first hand in order to assess the damage and determine a ball park cost for the repairs. All repair work that is done in our shop is done on a time and materials basis only. We can give you a ballpark cost for the work to be done but because of the amount of hidden and unforeseen obstacles and damage that may exist in a trailer, we are unable to predetermine the exact final cost for the work.

" We love the vintage trailers but we would rather drive a very cool old motor home that has been redesigned to look like the trailers that you do, but maybe even a little wilder! is this something that Vintage Vacations can do for us?"
We can design and build the vehicle of your dreams. Be it a vintage trailer, antique school bus, an old house truck or some funky motor home that you found, we can do whatever you want! Although our main bulk of our business is period correct interiors on trailers, we always look forward to something a little different. With many years as a designer and builder under my belt I can create a look that will fill your every need for any type of vehicle that you may want. Although we do not deal with the drive trains of self propelled vehicles we are able to help in subcontracting this part out. From camping vehicles to trade show booths, whatever your needs are, Vintage Vacations can help you see your dreams come true.

More Q&A's to come as time permits

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