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Here you will find a brief description of how Vintage Vacations approaches the process of creating a modernized traveling environment in a vintage shell that reflects the needs, tastes, styles and desires of the discerning customer while still retaining the wonderful aura and ambiance that attracts us to these incredible pieces of rolling history.  
  Since most of our trailer and clients needs are different from the last project we created, every new project that I create needs to be approached in a way that is unique to that trailer! In other words, there are no standards for the way in which I tackle a trailers restoration or alteration needs except for the quality of craftsmanship and proper installation of parts and materials.
The first and most important step in any restoration is to assess the overall condition of the trailer to be worked on and all of its components and weigh that against the wants and needs of the client and of coarse the budget allotted for the project.
The first question I hear always seems to be "What will it cost to have you build us a custom trailer?" To this question everybody always gets the same answer in the beginning, and that is "I have no idea!" Since every project is different, so is every price! Before we know what it will cost, we need to know what is involved in the transformation of your trailer.
Are we going to gut the trailer and start from scratch? What is the condition of the sub floor? Are we adding holding tanks to a trailer that was built before holding tanks were invented? What about the power system? the plumbing? panel replacements? what flooring are we using? What is the cost of the fabric that we will be using? Will I be creating something from scratch that never existed in the first place? These are only a few of the many questions that need to be answered before we ever get to what it will cost!
      Since most vintage trailers usually expand forward and aft of the kitchen or what always seems to be the focal point of the interior, I always like to start off by having my customers go through housing and design magazines to look for images and pictures of home kitchens and their elements and finishes that resemble the look and feel of what they would like to have created in the interior of their finished trailer.
Whether you are wanting a clean Blonde Birch and Maple finish, the rich warm feel of an African Ribbon Grain Mahogany or maybe even the exotic feel of Purple Heart or Lace wood, Vintage Vacations has access to hundreds of exotic plywood's and hardwoods from around the World that can be incorporated into your trailers interior to give you the perfect environment that reflects your tastes and desires.
  Once the look and feel of the desired woodwork, cabinetry and hardware has been established I like to work on another very big part of the project which is the upholstery fabrics and window treatments.

Over the years I have amassed an incredible collection of resources to draw from including sellers and suppliers of wonderful vintage and new old stock, Retro, reproduction and modern fabrics that can be used to bring the perfect color or pattern into your personal setting.

We also have access to just about any color of vintage style Venetian blinds that you can imagine as well as makers of "Original" wooden style blinds to enhance your trailer.

    Another area of great importance's in the beginning of the design process is establishing the type of flooring that will be used. Traditionally, most of the trailers built from the 1930's to the 1970's and beyond had some type of linoleum floor covering in them. In keeping with the wonderful styles of flooring's from days gone by, Vintage Vacations offers many different types of flooring installations to suit the varying needs of the discerning trailerites.
To ensure the longevity and ever lasting beauty of the chosen flooring, it is important to predetermine the degree and type of traffic that the trailers floor will endure so the correct type of flooring is used. By establishing the types of environments that the trailer will mainly be used in we can work together with the clients to find the flooring that will best suit your needs.
  Camping in the rain and carpet don't work well together! Hardwood floors and sand or DG aren't the best of friends. A high gloss finish on the linoleum and dogs will need constant maintenance! As you can see, there are many factors to consider before picking a floor just because it looks good.            
  Not only the flooring, but every element of the trailers layout and design needs to receive careful and thoughtful attention to detail before the building process ever begins to ensure that all of the materials used, the construction process and the design plans will all flow together perfectly to help produce the creative vision that we jointly conceive.  
  One of our favorite flooring's to use is Marmolium® A true Linoleum flooring product of all natural materials.
The Marmolium® floor coverings are made from ground and colored cork that is applied to a jute/burlap backing. This flooring comes in many colors and patterns that are very reminiscent of the wonderful linoleum's that were used in so many of the early trailers. Rolled out as is or combined with the creativity and craftsmanship that Vintage Vacations has to offer to create an extraordinary inlaid floor that expresses who you are, This is a long lasting produce that offers both a vintage or a fresh new look depending on your style
We also have access to an ever shrinking limited supply of "real" new old stock linoleum from the 1930's 40's 50's and 60's that can be installed in your rare collector trailer or even in the retro redo to create the look of a by-gone era.
  Once we have established exactly what all of the different building materials are that will be used in the final look of the trailer, we need to start looking at all of the components that will be incorporated into this environment so that we can determine the layout down to the 1/32"
The hardest part of the design process is figuring out the layout of the electrical, plumbing, charging system, holding tank, heater, Air, water heater and all of the other components to be installed in such a way that we get the best use of space as well as ensure that everything looks period correct and esthetically pleasing without using cheap plastic products whenever it is possible!
In fact that is something that you never find in my restorations, cheap plastic parts that is! That makes it very hard when everything today is made of plastic but I have spent the past 20 years or so collecting vintage elements and resources for them that can be used to create the correct look needed.
Once the layout has been determined and we know everything that will be done to the trailer, A good ballpark figure can be established for the transformation.
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