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The restoration, altering, updating or correct preservation of a vintage or antique travel trailer can sometimes be an overwhelming job with many unforeseen problems .
At Vintage Vacations we know from experience that taking on the monumental task of a full trailer restoration can be very time consuming and costly.

When doing it yourself, it always seems to take 4 times as long and costs 10 times as much as what you thought it might take to do the job right. We have run into many people that have told us that they started a restoration project only to sell it at a loss because they simply did not have the time, the right tools or the knowledge to complete the job properly.

With 20 years as a Designer, fine finish craftsman and detailer in the Interior Design fields under my belt and 12 years as an Art Director and Prop Master in the TV, film and Stage industries, I have perfected the art of creating the look of a bygone era which comes in quite handy in the restoration of a trailer. That, combined with the knowledge of modern RV technology and the ability to masterfully meld all of the elements into a visually pleasing environment is what sets a Vintage Vacations trailer above the rest!

With many years of restorations behind us, we have accumulated an extensive list of suppliers for N.O.S and reproduction parts and materials needed to do a proper restoration or alteration including, vintage and reproduction marbled linoleum flooring, hardware, lighting, woods, aluminum trims, upholstery fabric's and much more. Together with my team of professional craftsmen, we have more than 50 years of experience in the restoration and RV industries and can create a trailer or motor coach that will fit your every need.

Whether you are looking to have a trailer that you currently own completely restored or renovated, or would like some help in locating a trailer that we can restore or alter for you, or if you simply need to have some modern updates made to your classic rig but don't know where to go, your troubles are over!

Vintage Vacations can offer you all of our knowledge and services in bringing your trailer back to life or creating the perfect mobile environment that reflects who you are and what you like. The process of a full Vintage Vacations creation can become quite costly and take many hours to complete but is well worth the money spent when you compare the incredible beauty and functionality that you end up with and what it cost to what you might find on a new showroom floor for the same amount of money. There is no comparison!

With the completion of more than 40 vintage trailer restorations and alterations in the past 10 years, I have carved more than niche in the restoration world and have created some of the finest trailers in the world. Because of this, I am now traveling down a much different path than I was on in the beginning. That is to say, my choose in the type of projects that I prefer to work on these days are not the same projects that I took on when I started! Simply said, I am no longer interested in doing repair jobs that consist of replacing a damaged panel and fixing a dent. I am instead reserving my time for the concerning client that is only interested in the highest quality of vintage mobile creation that they can obtain, or for those project that are of the era of my own personal passion, "Pre-war" trailers.

Whether you are looking for a custom built vintage travel trailer with all of the modern bells and whistles you may find in a new RV that are housed in a vintage styled environment or any other style that suits your tastes and needs, or are in the market for a Dressing Trailer, Home Office, Guest House, Trade Show Booth or perhaps a correct restoration on a pre-war trailer? Whatever your high end needs Vintage Vacations can built the perfect unit to suit your every need.

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